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Laurel's TV Picks

TV Picks
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Laurel Krahn has been posting "tv picks" on the web since March 1999 (earlier if you count the tv picks that were originally posted to her weblog). Picks and other cool TV stuff can be found at tvpicks.net.

Picks and notifications of when the picks are posted are no longer posted to this community. If you'd like to read the picks on your friends page, add rsstvpicksnet to your friends list.

You can also read the picks at www.tvpicks.net which is where they look the best. Or subscribe to the feed directly from that site (and read them via a RSS reader or some other tool).
24, aaron sorkin, alias, ally mcbeal, angel, arrested development, as the world turns, babylon 5, bernie mac show, blind justice, boomtown, boston public, brimstone, brisco county junior, buffy the vampire slayer, cable, carnivale, chicago hope, china beach, conan o'brien, cop rock, crossing jordan, csi, cupid, darin morgan, david e. kelley, david letterman, deadwood, deep space nine, desperate housewives, dick van dyke show, drama, drew goddard, duckman, due south, ed, er, everwood, everybody loves raymond, eyes, ez streets, farscape, felicity, freaks and geeks, futurama, g vs e, get smart, gideon's crossing, gilmore girls, glenn gordon caron, good eats, guiding light, hlots, hogan's heroes, homicide, house, j.j. abrams, jack & jill, jag, joan of arcadia, joss whedon, karen sisco, keen eddie, kevin hill, king of the hill, law & order, law & order: ci, law & order: svu, lost, magnum p.i., malcolm in the middle, medium, mi-5, miss match, monk, moonlighting, mst3k, navy ncis, neverwhere, newsradio, nip/tuck, northern exposure, now and again, nowhere man, numb3rs, nypd blue, once and again, paul haggis, relativity, remington steele, reno 911, rescue me, roswell, saturday night live, sex and the city, she spies, simon & simon, simpsons, six feet under, snl, sports night, sportsnight, star trek, teevee, teevee.org, television, television without pity, that '70s show, the a-team, the beat, the chronicle, the corner, the critic, the daily show, the dead zone, the hughleys, the job, the jury, the late show, the practice, the shield, the sopranos, the tick, the west wing, the wire, the x-files, thieves, tivo, trading spaces, tru calling, tv, tv on dvd, tvbarn, twop, undeclared, veronica mars, vince gilligan, without a trace, wkrp, wkrp in cincinnati, wonderfalls, xena