Laurel Krahn (laurel) wrote in tvpicks,
Laurel Krahn

Laurel's TV Picks for Friday

Best Bets:

New Bernie Mac Show (FOX, 7pm)
New In Justice (ABC, 8pm)
New Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi, 9pm and midnight)
New Monk (USA, 9pm and midnight)
Charles Grodin, Jordana Brewster on The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS, 10:35pm)

News & Notes:

The Sci-Fi Channel begins airing reruns of John Doe tonight (Sci-Fi, 6pm) with the first episode of this series that only ran for one season on FOX. Dominic Purcell (of Prison Break) stars as a man who awakens to find that he doesn't know his own name nor recall anything about his life, but he seems to know everything else about the world, science, etc. He ends up trying to figure out what happened to him, while also helping the police with some cases. Jayne Brook (of Chicago Hope) plays a police lieutenant who works with him sometimes. John Marshall Jones, Sprague Grayden (of Joan of Arcadia, Over There), and William Forsythe also star. I liked the show, though I ended up missing several episodes-- will have to catch them on Sci-Fi. There was never any resolution, alas, to the mystery. Not a great show, I'd rank it as "above average with potential for more."

Still taking it easy on my right arm which means less typing and time spent online. Dangit! Very frustrating. May not do picks for Saturday, should be back with picks for Sunday or Monday.

Friday Primetime Grid:

ABCDancing With The Stars NewIn Justice New20/20 New
CBSGhost Whisperer RerunClose To Home RerunNumb3rs Rerun
NBCOutrageous TV Moments RerunOutrageous TV Moments NewDateline NBC NewThe Book of Daniel New
FOXBernie Mac Show NewBernie Mac Show RerunTrading Spouses NewLocal Programming
WBWhat I Like About You RerunLiving With Fran NewReba NewTwins NewLocal Programming
UPNWWE Friday Night Smackdown! NewLocal Programming
SciFiStargate SG-1 New, also at 10pmStargate Atlantis New, also at 11pmBattlestar Galactica New, also at midnight
USA   Monk New, also at midnight

Featured Pick:

Laurie Metcalf (of Roseanne) guest stars as a somewhat unstable woman who leads Adrian to believe he's married to her. Why would Adrian fall for this? Well, he ends up with amnesia in this episode and winds up in a strange small town (where a crime is commited, of course).

It's interesting seeing Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) not know who he is and to see which aspects of him change and which stay the same. What does he remember? Meanwhile, his friends back in San Francisco are very worried as they don't know where he is nor what happened to him. A better episode that last week's new one, in my humble opinion.

This new episode titled "Mr. Monk Bumps His Head" debuts this weekend on USA (USA, 9pm and midnight tonight; 5pm Saturday; 11am Sunday).
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