Laurel Krahn (laurel) wrote in tvpicks,
Laurel Krahn

Laurel's TV Picks for Wednesday

Best Bets:

New Lost (ABC, 8pm)
Series premiere of Skating with Celebrities (FOX, 8pm)
New Criminal Minds (CBS, 8pm)
New Law & Order (NBC, 9pm)

News & Notes:

I'm experiencing a lot of hand and wrist pain on my right side so will keep this update brief as I need to rest my hand. Fear I'm getting carpal tunnel or something.

Primetime Grid:

ABCLost RerunLost NewInvasion New
CBSStill Standing NewYes, Dear RerunCriminal Minds NewCSI: New York New
NBCE-Ring NewThe Biggest Loser: Special Edition NewLaw & Order New
FOXAmerican Idol NewSkating With Celebrities Series premiereLocal Programming
WBOne Tree Hill NewBeauty and the Geek RerunLocal Programming
UPNSouth Beach NewVeronica Mars RerunLocal Programming

Featured Pick:

Series premiere of Skating With Celebrities (FOX, 8pm). This episode airs at a special night and time; episodes will air regularly on Mondays at 7pm.

Scott Hamilton hosts this new entry in the "with celebrities" reality category. The pairs trained together for a month before their first routine before the judges in this episode. The pairs are judged on both technical merit and artistic by Dorothy Hamill, John Nicks, and Mark Lund. There are challenges for each pairing beyond the fact that one partner is an outstanding figure skater and the other . . . isn't.

I figured singer and broadway performer Deborah Gibson would be a good match for the theatrical skater Kurt Browning and I was right on that score. Of course, Browning is at an additional disadvantage because he's not a pairs skater and Ms. Gibson isn't a skater at all. I won't tell you how they (or anyone else) did on their first program in this episode because that's the real fun of these shows (well that and seeing training montages).

Olympic medalists Bruce Jenner and Tai Babilonia have known each other since the 1976 Olympics, which makes them the oldest pair on this show, but also means they've got great chemistry together (as they have been friends for a long time). Jenner is an athlete, but an older one with plenty of old injuries that could cause problems.

Actress Kristy Swanson and pairs skater Lloyd Eisler face another sort of problem: one of them is right-handed and the other is left-handed so this causes difficulty in planning their routines. Should Eisler try to switch his moves to do them the opposite way or should they just each go their own way?

Actor Todd Bridges (of Diff'rent Strokes) and pairs skater Jenni Meno seem to have a tough time with training. Bridges is an experienced roller skater, but soon learns that ice skating is quite a bit different. Meno finds that she has trouble matching Bridges' dance moves.

Skater John Zimmerman and Jillian Barberie (of NFL on FOX among other things) may disagree on how to approach the competition. Barberie wants to go all out and push the envelope of what they're ready for as a pair, but Zimmerman and their trainer and choreographer are less sure that's a good idea.

Actor/comedian Dave Coulier (of Full House) plays hockey a lot so he can surely skate, but skater Nancy Kerrigan is not so sure his skating style will work in the competition.

All in all, it's a fun show with some surprisingly entertaining skating routines. There will be seven episodes. Episodes will air regularly on Mondays at 7pm.
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