Laurel Krahn (laurel) wrote in tvpicks,
Laurel Krahn

Laurel's TV Picks for Tuesday

Best Bets:

New Gilmore Girls (WB, 7pm)
New House (FOX, 8pm)
New Scrubs (NBC, 8pm, 8:30pm)
Season premiere of The Shield (FX, 9pm, 10:08pm, runs 8 or so minutes long)

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News & Notes:

Not doing well today, thus abbreviated picks in some regards.

Primetime Grid:

ABCAccording To JimRodneyCommander-In-ChiefBoston Legal
CBSNCIS32nd Annual People's Choice Awards
NBCFear FactorScrubsScrubsLaw & Order: SVU
FOXBones RerunHouseLocal Programming
WBGilmore GirlsSupernaturalLocal Programming
UPNBlue CrushLocal Programming
FX   The Shield Season premiere, airs again at 10:08pm, runs 8 minutes long

Featured Pick:

Season premiere of The Shield (FX, 9pm, 10:08pm).

The Strike Team is back together (again), there's a new Captain at the Barn (again), and there are departmental budget cuts (again). So what's new this season on The Shield? Forest Whitaker joins the show as a police Lieutenant who works solo for Internal Affairs (a.k.a. IAB or "the rat squad"). He's investigating the Strike Team, of course, and he's definitely a different sort of player than we've seen before. There's also a new uniformed officer who partners with Julian-- it's interesting to see him teach a new recruit.

I've seen the first four episodes of this new season and I'm very impressed by them. I won't spoil things for you, it's really best that you watch the show and see things unfold as they happen, I'd avoid reading TV listings or any detailed previews/reviews if I were you.

I will tell you that at long last, someone is looking into the death of a police detective that occurred during season one. I'm still amazed by what this show pulls off and the many shades of gray at play here; the Strike Team has done some horrible things and yet one often can't help pulling for them.

If you've not watched this show before, I'm not sure how accessible this season will be given how much it builds on the events of previous seasons, but you can always track down the DVDs of previous seasons. This isn't an easy show to watch because it does deal with some very messy and unpleasant issues (and crimes)-- it's certainly not for everyone. But I love it and can't wait to see what else is in store for these characters and where the rest of this season will take them.

The season premiere of The Shield airs tonight on FX from 8pm 'til 10:08pm and again from 10:08pm 'til 11:16pm or so.
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