Laurel Krahn (laurel) wrote in tvpicks,
Laurel Krahn

Important Announcement (Really!)

Hey everybody,

For years now I've been manually adding my picks to this Livejournal community so people could read it here. Also manually updating a mailing list. Etc. etc. Etc. The existing RSS feed was fed by the Livejournal, believe it or not.

Well, with the upgrade to the website, I finally have feeds working for real. So you can now read TV Picks at rsstvpicksnet and I recommend that you add that feed to your friends list.

This means that I will no longer be posting TV Picks to this community, you've gotta read them via the feed mentioned above.

We could keep this particular community around for discussion of TV and/or the picks, if any of you are interested. But to get the TV Picks on your friends page, check out rsstvpicksnet. You might want to keep this community on your friends list for the next few days, in case I run into any trouble with the feed.

If you use an RSS/feed reader, you can also simply add the feed to that instead of viewing it on your friends page. And, of course, you can still read the picks on the website.
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