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Laurel Krahn

Laurel's TV Picks for Thursday

Best Bets:

The O.C. (FOX, 8pm)
My Name Is Earl (NBC, 8pm)
Season premiere of Beauty and the Geek (WB, 8pm)
Series premiere of Crumbs (ABC, 8:30pm)

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Primetime Grid:

ABCDancing With The StarsCrumbs Series premierePrimetime
CBSCSI: Miami RerunCSI RerunWithout A Trace Rerun
NBCWill & GraceFour KingsMy Name Is EarlThe OfficeER
FOXThat '70s ShowThat '70s Show RerunThe O.C.Local Programming
WBSmallvilleBeauty and the Geek Season premiereLocal Programming
UPNEverybody Hates Chris RerunLove, Inc. RerunEve RerunCuts RerunLocal Programming


Someone really really wants Jonathan to drop out of the senate race on Smallville (WB, 7pm) and they resort to violence (of course) to try and make this happen.

Fez meets an older woman who is interested in him on That '70s Show (FOX, 7pm).

B and C list celebrities learn to dance on Dancing With Celebrities (ABC, 7pm - 8:30pm).

CBS and UPN both air nothing but reruns in primetime tonight.

Another live episode of Will & Grace (NBC, 7pm).

Seth Green is the one bright spot in the otherwise boring Four Kings (NBC, 7:30pm). Maybe this episode improves on the pilot-- we can certainly hope. Kathryn Hahn (of Crossing Jordan) guest stars.

Everwood doesn't return until March, in case you were wondering.

Remember when the Beverly Hills 90210 gang fought for Donna's right to graduate? Whether you do or do not, you'll probably appreciate Summer, Seth, and Ryan's efforts to bring Marissa back to their school on The O.C. (FOX, 8pm). They're actually calling this episode a "tribute" to the "Something In The Air" episode of Beverly Hills 90210.

Earl helps a pair of newlyweds get a honeymoon on My Name Is Earl (NBC, 8pm).

The geeks are geekier, and the beauties are . . . less book smart on the season premiere of Beauty and the Geek (WB, 8pm). Watch as the geeks meet the beauties for the first time and they pair up into teams before their first challenges. This is the rare reality show that I enjoy because it really is all rather heartwarming: the geeks learn something from the beauties and vice versa. I know it sounds incredibly lame, but it's worth checking out.

Jane Curtin (of 3rd Rock from the Sun, Saturday Night Live), William Devane (of Knots Landing), and Fred Savage (of Working, Wonder Years) star in the series premiere of Crumbs (ABC, 8:30pm). The premise reminds me a bit of Out Of Practice, only this show's pilot is marginally better. Fred Savage plays the gay screenwriter son of Curtin & Devane; he returns home when his Mom is due to be released from a mental institution (after she went a little nuts after her husband of 30 years left her for a younger woman). The version of the pilot I saw had a laugh track (I hate laugh tracks). Good cast does what they can with this material, there is some promise here, but as with many sitcoms-- only time will tell if it's worth bothering with.

Michael is injured while using a grill on The Office (NBC, 8:30pm).

There's sure to be more melodrama on a new ER (NBC, 8:59pm).

Tomorrow / Friday:

At long last, a new episode of Monk-- I'll review it in my picks tomorrow.

Part 2 of that two-part Battlestar Galactica that started last week (part 1 was awesome!).
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